Return & Cancellations

Shipment Policy

1. Delivery Timings:

For all the same day orders, orders have to be made before 2 pm on the same day. All orders made post 2 pm shall be considered next day delivery. We do not guarantee any fixed delivery time. Our regular delivery timings are between 10 am to 8 pm. We will try our best to honor the client’s request but cannot commit the time of delivery.

2. Address Change:

Any changes to the recipient address would be entertained for ‘fixed time’ delivery only if its is requested for 4 hours prior to the actual delivery time slot. Changes after that will not be entertained and the order will not be cancelled. Change of address would not be possible for products after dispatch.

3. Delivery Product:

The fruits/ packaging cannot be guaranteed to be exact replicas of the ones shown on the website because of photography edits and seasonal constraints. Change in ‘fruits’ or ‘box/ trays’ colour due to non-availability shall also be considered under this condition.

4. Damaged deliveries:

We will cater to any reports of damaged fruits on the same day of delivery i.e within 24 hours of delivery. The report must be supported by substantial proof of the damage made to the product.

5. Rules for delivery:

a) Delivery will be made as per the delivery instructions. e.g. If the recipient doesn’t accept the delivery, we shall consider the order to be delivered.

b) Fruit Box &Co.will be able to attempt delivery of your fruits only ONCE.

In the event, the delivery is not executed during the attempt, the customer shall still be charged for the order and no re-delivery will be possible. We will consider the order completed in the below cases:

1. Incorrect shipping/delivery address.

2. Recipient(s) not available.

3. Premises locked.

4. Incorrect landline/mobile number or extension number which may be unreachable by us for delivery.

5. Recipient refusing to accept the delivery.

6. Product is delivered at the Gate/Reception/Neighbor. 

Refund Policy 

The fruits come to your doorstep with utmost care and protection. Please note that perishable goods like fruits or fruit trays/boxes cannot be returned. Unfortunately, you cannot claim a refund on your order with us. However, Fruit Box & Co. and their offerings will never fail to surprise you and you’ll never feel the need to return.

Due to availability issues, certain fruits may not be there every time. In these instances, Fruit Box & Co. reserves the right to substitute a fruit of equal or greater value.

In case of certain unforeseen circumstances and fruits do not reach your doorstep at the estimated time, Fruit Box & Co. may provide a replacement on a case by case depending on the delivery time left for the original order.

For any queries or if you wish to know more about our offerings, write to us at

*By making a purchase with Fruit Box & Co. you are confirming that you have read and understood our no refunds & no returns policy.


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